Affiliate Marketing for Dummies

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In this article, you will find the information that will help you get started with affiliate marketing. Here you can read what to do when you want to become successful in doing affiliate marketing as part of your professional marketing efforts.

So, what's the point of getting into affiliate marketing? The answer is quite simple; it's the vast potential in the market and the lucrative compensation. Becoming an affiliate marketer is often associated with higher commissions and significant returns. You might say, affiliate marketing works.

As you might be wondering by now, affiliate marketing is a form of online marketing where merchants pay commission to publishers, who efficiently sell or promote their product or service. This article can adjust to whatever kind of branch you want to get into, but for now, we'll use the example of financing related affiliate marketing programs.

With such a wide range of niches to choose from, even when they are just finance-related, it can be overwhelming to determine where to even begin. We, therefore, created this list of do's and don'ts when engaging in affiliate marketing programs that are related to financing.

How to Choose an Affiliate Marketing Program

Pick a niche and get to know your audience

With a wide range of available slots, it is best to focus on a specific niche rather than aiming to promote as many possible. It is essential to determine who to select as your target audience, and to conduct research to understand their needs better so you can choose publishers and programs wisely.

Let’s say, for example, that you choose to target college students and recent graduates; a good option could be to focus on helping them with their student loans, debt consolidation, or student loan refinancing- services to which your audience can relate.

But it would be best if you went further than that, you should find underlining psychological relations such as their biggest fears, problems, and dreams.  If you have the answer to those kinds of questions, you’ll be able to select a publisher/program that will speak to the niche you’ve chosen.


Joining an Affiliate Network

When you start, the world of affiliate marketing can be challenging to navigate, but joining an affiliate network can simplify the process. These networks help bring together companies offering affiliate programs with publishers who have the ideal audience. Especially when meddling in the finance sector, these networks will not only help you manage your plans, they give you credibility and ensure you are getting paid fairly and on time.

An example of an affiliate network with many finance programs is Flex Offers. They have three entries for their site: publishers, advertisers, and technology. Signing up for a website like this gives you access to people such as account managers that have years of experience in this kind of marketing — helping you with whatever questions you have. And apart from financial advice, most affiliate networks also offer marketing packages.


Make Sure You Have A Website

Don’t hesitate to set up a website. In the points before, we mentioned assuring that you use the right network and select the right niche. Now, with that information, take action! Build a website or have a website build that illustrates who you are and what solution you solve. While there are a few affiliate marketers that don’t have a website, having one will make everything so much easier.

Creating a simple website to start with doesn’t have to be complicated at all. You follow these steps:

  1. Select a domain name and buy it
  2. Install WordPress or another page builder such as Elementor
  3. Select a theme for your website

Once you have that setup, which shouldn’t take you longer than an hour, you’re good to go. Now, it’s a matter of uploading content to your website that promotes your offers and adds value for the reader.


Have a Sublime User Experience 

Another thing to do when you are choosing an affiliate program that is right for you is making sure that you create a good user experience. Many websites are offering financial content; you need to assure yours stands out and has a great user experience.

Providing a clean, organized platform is the answer. It is worth investing in your web design to allow for easy navigation. Offer new tools like a search bar, different calculators (for instance like a mortgage calculator), and maybe even check-lists (for example, Top 10 things not to do during your mortgage process). Make sure to be engaging and offer real value to your readers; if you do so, revenue will follow.


What Not To Do When Choosing an Affiliate Marketing Program

So now that you know some things you should be doing when it’s time to select an affiliate marketing program. Let’s look into the things you should be avoiding.

Don’t Focus on Big Affiliate Networks or Only Share Popular Services

Yes, it might be tempting to join a big, established, well-known affiliate network, but when you are just starting, this might not be the best option for you. Although they will likely have popular stores and products you may think are easy to refer to, these networks will often have upfront charges, fees along the way, and in most cases, a lack of resources.

Instead, choose to work with programs that will not cost you much, if not anything at all, and have excellent customer service and technical support in case you have questions or need help getting off the ground. This might cost you some extra time searching and selecting programs, but affiliate marketing is a slow process, so don’t stress about it. Your hard work will get rewarded when you stay consistent and invest in the right network.


Don’t Make it All About Sales

Even though your ultimate goal is to make revenue, try diversifying the content, so it is not only and obviously, just about selling. You must share content with your audience that is they find helpful.

Offer solutions to common problems and dilemmas they are most likely facing, and guide them in making informative decisions – like their very own online credit officer. Better yet, have a forum on your website. If you offer your audience a platform where they can communicate with other consumers, your website will become their preferred source of reviews and information.


Don’t Rush 

The most important of all is don’t rush. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick solution. It is not necessarily tricky, but it does take time and effort to generate revenue! Don’t lose motivation in the first couple of months, which are by far the hardest.

In the beginning, you will have to build an audience and gain their trust, which doesn’t happen overnight. Hang in there, after consistent dedication offering valuable content; your audience will consider your genuine suggestions and reviews.



There are tons of financial services and solutions to be offered online. As long as you take your time with well-focused niches, your affiliate marketing business can lift off in any direction.

Over time, you can expand and grow business into a steady stream of revenue.  You can be sure most people will need a loan at some point in their life, so finding a target audience will not be the challenge. All you have to do is find one that fits with your business.

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