5 Best Ways to Make Money From Home

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This headline almost always brings to mind online get rich quick schemes that almost always lead to you needing to buy something. But in this article, we dare to use the headline to deliver the truth.

That there are legitimate ways to make money from home. They’re actually fairly obvious, and they not only take time and effort, but take passion and creativity as well.

But for those that truly want to be independent and build a business, or even make some extra cash to make ends meet, we’ll lay out here the ways to do it, and do it right.

Just a quick caveat before we begin. This is an introduction article to the real ways to make money from home. If you go down any of the paths we lay out here, be prepared for some serious learning.

While setting off on a from home venture, be prepared to invest and treat it like a business. No quick turn around investments or get rich quick schemes. Invest in getting better at what you do constantly.Your skill sets will need it.

So without further adieu - The five best ways to make money from home.

1 – Niche Blog and Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a passion for something specific? Do you feel you have expertise in something? Are you a talented writer? If so, this may be for you!

The way it works is very simple:

    1. You create content. 
    2. You get that content out to as many people as possible. 
    3. You look for companies that your audience may be interested in their products.
    4. You write about their product.
    5. People click on the links you provide for the product, and you get paid.

What are you passionate about? Before strolling down the path of blog level affiliate marketing, Think about the subject matter that means something to you first, and the products and services you will derive income from later. 

For every subject you could think about, there are people willing to pay you for some of your visitors if they are of a relevant audience. 

This method really works is if you have lots and lots of content that connects with people who share your passion. If the passion is not there, most bloggers can’t keep up the writing. Also, if your passion is not in it, readers will have a hard time connecting. 

You are a complex person. You have opinions that stretch across many different subjects. But your readers want to come to your site above all else because you are an authority. They share your passion and know what you’re talking about. Start with what you love, begin writing. The money will come.


Getting the content out

So you write, and you write and you write. The work is great! You show it to your friends, family and those dear to you, and they all agree.. You have quality work! You go check your websites visitors and… crickets.

You need to get the word out. You can do this in many different ways, 


If you rank as an authority on your subject matter, you have expensive real estate on search engines. As long as you keep that up, the traffic will pour in.


The secret to fast and cheap traffic to a new blog is common interest groups on social media. Whatever your niche is, there’s a group for it. Learn social media, and find like minded people to share your content with!


This method is really for professional affiliate marketers who learn how to make sales funnels. Learn online paid advertising, and sales funnels and take it to the next level! It is the fastest way of getting traffic
Find your passion, take online courses on how to get it out there. It will make all the difference.  

Find the companies

Find the products related to your niche, go to their website and look for an “Affiliates” link. If you don’t see it, write them an email.  More and more companies have an affiliate program. If one particular company doesn’t, chances are, their competitors will.


2 – Start a Podcast

Do you have a good sense of humor? Are you good with people? Do you have interesting banter with friends? All of these things can make a brilliant and successful podcast.

It’s still very important to have a niche to get discovered in the podcast world. People will come to listen to your podcast to hear about something specific that’s interesting to them. But if you have great charisma, and can really connect with your audience, they will stay and become loyal listeners for any subject!

To create a great podcast you’ll need to:

  1. Offer value to the listener. -Give your listeners a reason to try you out, and a reason to stick around
  2. Constant content creation – For this to become lucrative, you need to develop a following. And your following needs Consistency. Make a schedule for your podcast and stick to it!
  3. Get guests – Reach out to guests that also have a following, or an audience similar to yours. Begin your outreach when you have something to offer your guests in return. The strongest pitch for having a guest on, is being able to show a volume of listeners and their loyalty.
  4. Get Paid! – This will naturally happen when you have a following.. Make sure people know how to reach you! Create a website for your podcast with information for companies looking to get in touch.

To be a successful podcaster, you will need to take a course on sound editing and master some other technical audio skills. 


3 – Become a YouTuber

The steps to becoming a successful YouTuber are very much the same for a podcast.

Good YouTubers know how to stimulate both the ears and eyes of the viewer. Follow the same steps for the podcast, and you’ll have a successful Youtube channel, and a flourishing business when you monetize your videos.

Youtube has many possibilities, and it is indeed the easiest platform to build a following on. 

For exceptionally successful youtubers, there are all kinds of additional revenue streams. From  Patreon for donations to ancillary products like t shirts and tumblers, to the ad revenue from views. You can really get creative on how you make your money on YouTube.

To do this well, learn video SEO, and learn how to use social media to promote your content. Without those skills, it’s difficult for channels to gain the momentum they need to start out.


4 – MLMs

MLM stands for multi-level marketing. 

This is typically where you sell a product, and recruit others to sell the product.

Doing this door to door with health products is not what we’re talking about here. The really profitable MLMs are another form of affiliate marketing

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Find affiliate programs that are very lucrative
  • Build a sales funnel to deliver a lead to the company.
  • Build a following on Social Media and any other outlets to show people how to get traffic to your funnel in exchange for money.
  • Train your eager listeners well in finding people and delivering them to your page.
  • Pay them well for their efforts, but enough to make a healthy profit.

You can gather an army of sub affiliates under your affiliate program with the companies you work with.

To build the following, you use all the same skills as the other at home money machines. You’ll need to develop content and develop it often, use social media and SEO to get people to you and keep your content fresh to deliver value to your audience. 

More specifically, you’ll need to learn SEO, Social Media, and possibly need to learn a bit of Web Development, video editing, and some other skills. You’ll also need some technical skills as well to track who brings what leads, and pay them accordingly and you’ll need a system to do this.


 5 – Webinars

If you’re a gifted speaker, and a natural salesperson, this one’s for you.

Speak to an audience, bringing them to a partner to buy. Simple!

You advertise, you sign people up, you sell them the offer… easy if you learn paid digital advertising, how to sell, and how to nurture leads.

Here’s a couple of tips:

  • Learn Google Ads and Facebook Ads!!  If you don’t know how to optimize your ads, and get to the right audience you can easily lose money.
  • Have a great sales page to convince people to sign up. Studies show the longer you engage your audience, the higher the probability of a sign up. Only written content can be boring so a video is the right way to go for a sales page.
  • A great video can really aid in convincing people, and keeping their attention. so they can sign up for the webinar. Treat your webinar as a product you’re selling. With video you can also visually speak to the audience. Learn to edit videos. It’s a skill which will take you far.
  • Have a great webinar script. Learn how to write a great sales pitch, and deliver it with perfection in the webinar.
  • Don’t be over salesy. People tune out when they feel that they’ve signed up for a sales pitch. Provide them with value!



There you have it friends, the 5 best ways to make money from home. 

No gimmicks, no tricks, and no tiny amounts. No scams that use this headline for a bait and switch for you to buy something.

All the 5 methods mentioned can be started with little with now money, and can be taken as far as your effort will take you. 

If you really want to make money from home, choose one or combine a few of these methods, learn all the necessary skills, and set out on the road to financial freedom.

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